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PFEIFFER Schmuck-Stein-Design was founded in 1971 on the Marktstätte in the inner city of Konstanz.

In 1984, Matthias Pfeiffer took over the shop from his father. Since July 2017, the Studio Pfeiffer can be found in its new location in the Hussenstrasse 19/corner of Augustinerplatz. It stands out because of the individual decoration and large offering of hand-made, one-of-kind pieces. The product line is further enhanced with our stylish small series collections, so that every jewelry wish can be fulfilled.

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The workshop “Schmuckerei” in the Hüetlinstrasse 9, was opened in July 2017 under the direction of Mastergoldsmith Christine Claussen.

Since 2002, she has been working as the workshop director, together with Matthias Pfeiffer. In the “Schmuckerei”, one can gaze at the the goldsmiths at work. The jewelry pieces and small treasures are formulated, designed, sketched, and at the end are created with loving care. There will be a possibility in the future of creating and making your own individual wedding rings, with supervised, competent direction and support.



Studio Konstanz
Hussenstrasse 19
78462 Konstanz
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Schmuckerei Konstanz
Hüetlinstrasse 9
78462 Konstanz
+49 (0)7531 2825016
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